Monday, March 1, 2010


===> Tip of the Month <===

The back cover of your book is best used to show prospective readers how
they will benefit from buying. The author's photo and bio can go INSIDE,
reserving the valuable "real estate" on the back cover for attracting buyers.

===> Quickie <===

March 7-13 is "Read an eBook Week." Visit for
freebies, product reviews, more.

===> News You Can Use: Book Signings <===

See for a concise discussion of book signings
from a veteran book industry observer and participant, Bob Spear.

===> Lead Story: e-Book Breakthrough? <=== is offering authors and publishers a fast and easy new
way to publish e-books for users of the iPhone, Blackberry, Droid and other
smartphones... more than 50 MILLION worldwide and growing rapidly. There
are NO up-front fees; they handle the technical hassles, and get the
finished e-Book set up at the Apple Apps Store and other outlets. You set
the price, and may change it at any time. For a special affiliate code
that gets you an extra 5% payout, see:

===> The Write Stuff: <===

Did you know that there are only three words in the English language that
begin with "dw?" Dwarf and dwell are two of them. Can you name the third?
(Answer in next issue.)

A "quote" is a cost estimate; a "quotation" is an excerpt from a piece of

===> Love Your Library <===

Literacy Link - Leamos is a volunteer tutoring program operating in a
small, rural community in Southwest New Mexico. They tutor adults and
children, read to children in classrooms, distribute information on the
importance of reading and provide resources to those who cannot afford to
buy books and supplies for themselves. E-mail (or call 505-538-2931) if you have books to
donate. FMI:

===> The e-Book Bandwagon: Fact and Fiction <===

Danny O. Snow will present a report on e-Book trends to the Bay Area
Independent Publishers Association on March 13. Preview:

===> Shameless Sales Pitch <===

The 2010 edition of is out. Sure, you've read an earlier
edition or two, but the publishing world is changing almost daily in
2010... don't you deserve the latest information? A single new tip could
save you MANY TIMES the cost of obtaining it. Please visit to preview.