Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Additional Stories from April-May 2008

Microsoft Closes "Live Book Search"

On May 23, Microsoft announced that its alternative to Google
Book Search is closing:


Meanwhile, our friends at Google are continuing their quest to
digitize every book ever published, to the true benefit of
readers and writers everywhere.

In spite of grumbling from some larger publishers, GBS is a
great thing for humanity... and a great alternative to Amazon
and its ilk for the little guy.

PBA Contest Deadline August 15

$500 grand prize, many categories, POD and self published books
welcome. $50 entry fee:


New Blog on Special Sales

In the publishing world, we call book club deals, customized
editions for bulk buyers, and other ways of selling books in
large numbers to a single buyer "special sales." And they really
ARE special: just a single book club deal can move thousands of
copies; a customized special edition for a corporate sponsor
can dwarf one-at-a-time orders from Amazon and its ilk.

A new blog from Brian Jud discusses the ins-and-outs:


Barnes and Noble Going Digital?

In February, Borders made a bold move to update its business model,
with the announcement that it would open slick new "Digital Centers"
in as many as 20 stores during 2008:


Now Barnes and Noble has jumped on the bandwagon with a new Web-
based wiki for the hot "How-to" market:


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Imitation = Flattery?

A new site named (ahem) "YouPublish.com" appears to be the latest
DIY book publishing service to appear, following Lulu, Wordclay,
Cafe Press, CreateSpace, etc.

Reviews of their services from U-Publish.com subscribers are
welcome at http://u-publish.blogspot.com where you can share
your feedback with fellow authors and independent publishers.

We're flattered by their choice of names... But please remember
that the 'real' U-Publish.com has been serving self-publishers
since 1999!

"Live" Appearance ???

Co-author Danny O. Snow joined a panel discussion about Amazon
at SecondLife.com on April 26 as an animated character:


Snow enjoyed his visit to SL immensely (especially the flying
lessons) and recommends the experience highly to others:


AuthorNation Founded

At a new "Online Community for Authors, Writers, Poets and their
Readers" you can create a profile that includes a bio, reviews,
photos, videos, abstracts, poems, stories and a link to sell
your book through the retailer of your choice:


Reviews of AuthorNation from U-Publish.com subscribers are
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