Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Additional Stories for October-November 2008

To Blurb or Not to Blurb?

A recent article by William Leith discusses the pros and cons
of putting "blurbs" (endorsements) on the cover of your book:

Danny O. Snow adds that blurbs DO make a difference when the
endorsement comes from a recognized expert in your field, a
celebrity with name recognition, or a dash of humor. Jim
Cox of Midwest Book Review once wrote "I'd review Dan Poynter's
laundry list if he were to publish it!" A witty phrase like
this is almost certain to attract readers:

Bill Tancer says that "How to write a book" is the 62nd most
frequently asked how-to question on the Internet:

Tools for Agent-Hunting:

Jim Duxbury ( recommends:

Dan Snow adds:

Remember that you can self-publish while you are looking for an
agent... or a conventional publisher. Use early book reviews to
demonstrate the book's appeal. More importantly, use your sales
records to prove public demand; NOTHING attracts agents (and the
publishers they approach) like objective proof of commercial
potential. If you get a good offer, sell out. If not, you're
already in print with a growing readership.

Ad: Prove Your Market Before Printing in Bulk

Special services for visitors help you prove the
market for your book BEFORE you invest in bulk printing:

Don't get stuck with a garage full of unsold books! Test your
book's public appeal at little or no cost before placing big
print orders.

A Book Inside

For a nice complement to (book and newsletter),
visit Carol Denbow's blog:

Danny O. Snow will be interviewed by Carol on November 1.
Please tune in!

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