Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Savvy Self-Publisher, November-December 2008

Tip of the Month:

Just in: an e-mail post that reads "The International Library
of Poetry has just announced that over 1,175 prizes, totaling
$58,000.00, will be awarded in the International Open Amateur
Poetry Contest. The contest is open to everyone, and entry is

Contests like this could be legit... but if you enter, beware
of follow-ups that notify you that your poem has been chosen
not for a cash prize but for inclusion in a book -- that you
must buy for $50 -- or an invitation to attend an upcoming
awards ceremony... at your own expense.

Lead Story: Google Pays $34 M to Seed "Book Rights Registry"

The good folks at Google have settled a lawsuit brought by
the equally good folks at The Authors Guild and the AAP,
opening the door to make millions of books available online
forever. FMI:


Paul Aiken, executive director of the Authors Guild, called
the settlement "the biggest book deal in U.S. publishing
history." He added that a "vast repository of books --
millions upon millions of out-of-print books and many in-print
books -- will find a new home and new readers online."

The new "Book Rights Registry" will be open to self-publishing
authors as well as big publishers.

This is positive, historic news for everyone in the book world.
Please stay tuned to future issues of this bulletin for updates!

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