Monday, December 1, 2008

Additional Stories for December 2008 - January 2009 Featured

In September, "The Writer's Edge" Blog featured as
an antidote to doldrums from the weakening world economy:

From a recent press release:

"Survey after survey shows American broadband quality and access
falling perilously behind countries in Europe and Asia. Getting
everyone connected to an open Internet should be a national
priority." FMI:

Love Your Librarian

In November, Dan Snow had a question about upcoming appointments
in Washington. On a whim, he decided to try the "Ask a Librarian"
link at the Library of Congress:

A day later, he received a detailed response from Reference
Specialist Judith Gray. It was not a form letter; it was not
a useless cut-and-paste reply, or a set of instructions to
look for answers somewhere else. It was a real answer from
a real person. How rare these days, and how refreshing! How
good to see public funds delivering real benefits to real
taxpayers! Hats off to librarians everywhere ...

Amazon Reader Reviews:

OK, we've all heard the rumors about authors who write glowing
reviews of their own books at Amazon.

The following link will direct you to a long chain of discussion
about an alleged case like this, which is somehow both humorous
and sad at the same time:

Please note: we have not read the book(s) in question, nor any of
the reviews. We are not taking sides.

Instead, our point is to illustrate that reader reviews are simply
not reliable sources of literary criticism. Amazon does post
real reviews by professional reviewers, such as Jim Cox of the
Midwest Book Review, who regularly reviews self-published books.

Please read our book for more tips on getting real book reviews
and other media coverage, which are more credible (and free!)
sources of exposure for your book.

Please feel free to forward copies of this newsletter to your
fellow authors and publishers. This is a fre@ resource that is
available to anyone in the book world upon request. We don't
accept paid advertising, endorse or guarantee products or
services, nor accept fees for mentioning them without full
disclosure. See to join.

Reader Survey

Danny O. Snow will present a panel titled "The Convergence of
Print and Digital Content" at the 2009 Publishing Business
Conference, March 23-25 at the New York Marriott.

Snow wants input from subscribers to this newsletter who sell
their books in both printed AND digital form:

-- If you sell e-Books, what is the best outlet for them?
Your own Web site or Blog? A third-party service provider?
A mainstream online bookseller?

-- Do you use the e-Book (or a preview) as a sales tool for
the tree-Book? If so, where and how?

-- What is the best way to use a 'Blog or social networking
sites like MySpace and Facebook to promote books?

-- Where do most readers read your e-Books? On a desktop or
laptop computer? Palm pilot or other PDA? A dedicated device
like the Kindle or e-Reader? An iPhone or other G3 device?

Please send comments to
with the phrase
"Reader Survey" in the subject line. Those who respond will
get a free pass to the panel, and a transcript.

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Quotation of the Month:

"Habits in writing as in life are only useful if they are broken
as soon as they cease to be advantageous."

-- W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)

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