Monday, December 1, 2008

The Savvy Self-Publisher, December 2008 - January 2009

Tip of the Month:

If you need books for re-sale during the holidays, allow extra
time for printing, and extra time for shipping. The period from
November 15 to December 15 is traditionally the busiest time of
the year for printers, rushing books to market for the holidays.
Likewise, shippers like UPS and *especially* the USPS often get
swamped with holiday shipments, slowing delivery times.

In the dark economic climate of late 2008, the holiday crunch
may be less serious -- we are getting sad reports that printers
are starving for work and shipping out orders promptly. Just
the same, it's wise to allow an extra week or two during this
traditionally busy season.

Lead Story: An ATM for Books?

In-bookstore printing of books continues to advance with the
release of a new "edition" of the Espresso Book Machine 2.0,
according to an excellent article by Wade Hemsworth:

The 2.0 machine is cheaper, faster and smaller than earlier

Imagine a bookstore where 100,000 book titles are "on file" in
digital form, but not on the shelves. At your request, any
one of them can be printed in a matter of minutes, at a
reasonable price. This includes rare and hard to find old
books rarely stocked by conventional stores.

Imagine a bookstore where no book is out-of-print or
out-of-stock, a store where readers can get more than just
trendy new bestsellers.

Imagine having YOUR book on file, allowing you to print
single copies as needed -- for about six cents per page,
no shipping charges, and delivery in minutes.

It's all getting closer. Stay tuned to "The Savvy Self-
Publisher" for updates.

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